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Wood derivatives _ Conventional saw

Industrial Hard Chrome coating

We define Hard Chrome Coating as the application of a layer of electrolyte-deposited chrome on the blade plate so that it resists wear. Hard Chrome Coating is the perfect coating for blades subject to wear due to the high abrasiveness of the material to cut, such as bi-laminate particle board. It is also important to note that the blade, due to the chrome plating, is not harmed by atmospheric agents and therefore does not rust.
Tipo ALC
TCT Circular sawblade for cutting with good finish of wood derivative panels, such as plywood, chipboard and MDF. The particular slots on the plate make this item a low noise sawblade. Use on table saws, also coupled to scorers, or on miter saws.

Low noise circular sawblades

This range of blades has original inlays on their bodies, filled with a special sound-absorbent material, which reduces the sound they produce. The reduction in noise, along with reducing noise pollution in the workplace, also reduces blade vibration. By vibrating less, the blade works better and allows a substantial increase in the life cycle of the cutting parts.
foto particolare
foto particolare
Code   D   B/b   d Z   P   a   rif.  
L ALC 250 080 030    250    3,2/2,2    30    2/10/60  80    10           
L ALC 300 096 030    300    3,2/2,2    30    2/10/60  96    10           
L ALC 350 108 030    350    3,5/2,5    30    2/10/60  108    10